Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crochet teddy

I finally finished crocheting a teddy for Libby’s birthday. Hopefully she’ll like it! I think it’s pretty cute! :)



  1. Ooh she's gorgeous! Can you share the pattern? The blanket she's sat on is lovely too :)
    Helen (aka bicyclegasoline!) xx

  2. Thank you! The pattern is from this book

    It's lovely cause its the same bear but lots of different clothes to put them in!

    And thank you, I love my blanket! It's still work in progress but getting pretty big these days! The pattern for that is from Lucy at Attic 24's blog which is really lovely! She has some lovely things on there :)

    Linky... xxx

  3. Thanks! I convinced my husband to get me a similar teddy crochet book for Christmas *excited* :D xx