Tuesday, 5 May 2015

30 day French challenge

Hello lovely people!
I am back, following up my 'Try something new for 30 days' post. My 30 day French challenge got off to a great start. I've been wanting to improve my French for a long time but never seem to find the time, so I really enjoyed the purpose of trying to do a little every day. At the moment I'm using the DuoLingo app and I really like it. I managed a 19 day streak using DuoLingo every day but I have to admit it all went a little wrong after that! I definitely didn't manage 30 days straight but the challenge has really spurred me on. I've rediscovered my love for French and ordered a GCSE French revision guide, something I wouldn't have considered before I started my challenge.
For a little reminder of where it all started, here is the video that inspired me.

Now I'm off to decide on my next 30 day challenge... let me know if you do one too! 

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